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‘The Myopic Business Epidemic’ — Glambition Radio Episode 175 with Ali Brown

I’m doing a bit of a RANT along with some educated observations on this solo episode of #GlambitionRadio, and the subject is the epidemic of *myopic* business owners. ‘Myopic’ basically means being nearsighted, lacking foresight, or lacking insight.

Especially within the current online madness, I still see too much ‘following the leader’ and not enough critical thinking. In many cases I’m seeing a lack of even ‘common sense’ thinking.

I see entrepreneurs who consider themselves ‘innovative’ locked into only improving the models that have worked in the past. They don’t even want to test new methods.

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The problem with ‘news’ today…

Years ago, we got our news in limited doses – a few TV or radio programs a day; the daily paper. That was it.

Today, we are accustomed to a 24-hour assault on all fronts – online and offline, and even when you try to turn it off. (Just the other day I had to endure noxious TV news airing at an airport gate. As if we aren’t already anxious enough before flying.)

The danger in this perpetual and often manufactured drama and outrage designed for our entertainment and to stoke our news addiction, is that we become numb to the news that REALLY does matter.

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An exciting announcement…

As I write this, I’m preparing to host a 25-child birthday party for my twins, who are turning six! We’re celebrating a bit early, as their school lets out for summer in just a few days, and it was easier for everyone.

Before I self-medicate 😉 I wanted to make sure you knew about one LAST detail that just came through regarding ICONIC 3.0, my event for women business leaders happening this November 5+6, 2019 in Phoenix.

Today I’m thrilled to announce a private BONUS session with my friend, a billion-dollar dealmaker, serial entrepreneur Cindy Eckert.

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Aiming higher than equality…

Much of the conversation I’ve had lately with several high-profile women leaders has been about the themes we’ve been hearing on the news over and over during the last year… topics like women’s equality, the #MeToo movement, catching up where we should be, making things right, evening things out, and fixing things that are broken.

These are important conversations.

But we agreed there also needs to be much more conversation about something else for women. Especially women like us.

And it’s about LEADING.

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