"Elevate Premier Member Spotlight: Karen Regnante from Marblehead, Mass." - Glambition Radio

"Elevate Premier Member Spotlight: Karen Regnante from Marblehead, Mass."

One of the best ways to get inspired is to learn from others’ successes.
That’s why in my Elevate online training program, we spotlight one of our premier members during our member Monthly Access Calls.
Elevate Coaches James Roche, Joy Chudacoff, and I select and interview one Elevate Premier member who is making great strides with the program.
Some successes are large, some small, but it’s all about taking steps forward and making progress.
Today, you’ll meet Elevate Premier member Karen Regnante,  owner of, KRegnante, LLC. (www.KRegnante.com). She was our spotlight on our November 2012 call.
Enjoy our quick interview with Karen below, and be sure to take notes. There are several golden nuggets you can apply to YOUR business right away!
James: Karen, thank you for being here. We absolutely love to spotlight certain Elevate members who are getting the results, and are having the breakthroughs. We like to hear the reality of it—like what it’s really taking for you to make these breakthroughs. Sometimes, it’s not as pretty or a clean straight line as we would think.
Karen, what  big results are you seeing right now through Elevate?
Karen: Just to give you a little bit of background: I had 20+ years of a very successful; very high-end corporate career, and then got really sick with Lyme disease. I almost died from it, and I had it for over a decade. I literally had to draw up my will. And then I healed myself from that.
I went on to launch my own consulting business based on my marketing and sales background. I did that for three years, very successful and then I got cancer, healed that. That took about three years, did it energetically and spiritually, eventually had surgery and then basically ended up in Elevate. Now, I’m really getting my footing and beginning to do what I’ve been wanting to do for 20 years but didn’t have the guts to do.
The trigger happened in July when I was asked to speak and exhibit at a spiritual conference that was local. I had less than two weeks to pull everything together. I thought, I’m going to use this opportunity to launch my business because if not now, when? Within less than two weeks, I created a business card, designed a booth, and I wrote a speech.
Joy: Karen, tell them about the event and what happened there because that’s when things got really exciting for you.
Karen: Joy was really helpful with me while launching all of this. I got clients at the events. I got clients because people really loved my speech which was my story—how I’ve gone through this huge transformation, and now I’m really healthy and happy, and leading this amazing life, and ready to launch this new business.
To get ready for that event, I put together a 90-day transformation program designed for people really making a shift in their lives; whether or not it was health related or another aspect of their life. I am having  great success with my clients from this program; they are getting the results they want.
Joy: They are getting great results and you’ve got something big coming up in December, right?
Karen: Yes, and [my clients’ results] gave me the confidence. December 6 is the Massachusetts Conference for Women. It’s the largest conference in the country for professional women. It’s being held in Boston and I decided, you know what, I’m going to exhibit there. In order to get prepared for that I’m:  deciding on my programs for Quarter 1, launching a website, recording an audio download as a free gift, redoing my business cards and my banner, all the while seeing clients, renovating a house and taking care of my mother. It’s been wild.
Joy: I think to sum all this up, Karen is really getting out there in a big way and I think that the thing that I’ve been most impressed with is she came to our first Premier meeting in January really had a general idea of how she wanted to work her business and what she wanted to do, but she really didn’t have one.
She came from corporate but knew she wanted to start this business, supporting women in transition and helping them heal themselves not only from their illnesses but also helping them in their businesses, etc.  I’ve just been impressed with her because she really hit the ground running. She’s even written a chapter in a book. What’s the title of the chapter of the book?
Karen: The book is titled, Soul Whispers: Living the Life of Your Dreams, and I wrote the chapter ‘The Role of Soul in Healing’, on the role of soul in healing and we’re having a worldwide Facebook launch on December 1st, for the book, so it’s now available.
Joy: Yes, and she developed her 90-day coaching program. She got clients at her first event, which I really felt she would because she is truly a unique individual the way she’s had so much success in corporate but used so many of her own intuitive strategies to heal herself from two really life threatening diseases.
I do think that’s a huge part of Karen’s story and why she’s attracting women. I think 2013 is just going to be an amazing year for you, Karen.
Karen: Thank you, Joy. And I have to say on my end, what made it really work is that in those moments when okay, I decided to pull the trigger and take massive action like in July for that conference and now in time for this conference. It was because James, you, and Ali have done such an amazing job at creating all of these materials, and I’ve been listening to some of the calls. I haven’t been on every one but I’ve been listening to some of the calls and so I have all these resources at my fingertips.
You combine that with the fact that Joy is a wonderful coach and she and I can do this laser focus coaching that we do with one another within 10 minutes—it’s  amazing how much you and I get done.
Joy: We’re just so thrilled and delighted to have you as part of the community because you’re a big asset. Thank you so much Karen for coming on and sharing.
Karen: Thank you!

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