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Let’s meet up soon in Chicago or LA…

WOW to the responses I’ve received to last week’s Glambition Radio episode called “Stop the Online Insanity”!

Thank you to all of you who reached out with comments—including someone who wrote she “nearly cried with relief” when hearing such truth about the immense market saturation and devaluation we’re all having to cope with today when marketing online.

With all the online noise these days, positioning yourself in the right place is more important than ever.

AND… I’m ready to help you.

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Honored to Be Featured in Alan Weiss’s Latest Edition of His Classic Book, "Million Dollar Consulting"

Honored to be featured in consulting guru Alan Weiss’s brand new 5th edition of his classic “Million Dollar Consulting”. I picked up the original version of this book years ago when I started my first business (copywriting), and ever since I’ve recommended it to all my clients — especially those who either want to move into consulting or have more of a consulting mindset (versus coaching). I truly feel it should be a part of every coach and consultant’s success library. You can grab a copy here at Amazon or most any bookstore…

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Do you know Alan Weiss?

If you do consulting in your business or are curious about getting into consulting as a business, I highly recommend you take a look at a special live event coming up this spring hosted by my colleague Alan Weiss.

Alan has been known as THE consultant to consultants since his groundbreaking book written decades ago, Million Dollar Consulting. For years, I’ve recommended his books to my clients who have wanted to add consulting to their businesses as an income stream.

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