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Want to create a best-selling package? (time sensitive)

My friend and client, Kendall SummerHawk, is a pioneer on the topic of women and money, and she’s done something I think is brilliant. She’s taken her years of experience on the topic of packaging & pricing your services and created what I consider to be by far the most powerful success training on this topic ever.

It’s all organized into a simple, step by step online video training that you can access instantly once you register, but here’s the kicker

This online course with Kendall is only available until this Saturday, March 12.

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Inspire prospects to say YES on the spot

My friend and past client, sales conversion expert Lisa Sasevich, is offering you a free download of her best-selling ebook, “Boost Your Sales: How to Use Irresistible Offers … Without Being Salesy“, and I wanted to let you know about it.

You’ll discover simple steps you can apply right away so you’re ready to make your “Irresistible Offer” and inspire an on-the-spot YES whenever you encounter an ideal client … (online or offline)

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Walking away from what I "wanted"…

Can I share a secret with you?

The “dream life” I’ve settled into in the Scottsdale suburbs once I had my babies has given us a few good years, but my Aussie husband and I are feeling a bit….wanderlusty.

We are done with the big, high-maintenance house and other things we previously desired.

And since the twins will be 3 in May and they seem to be good little travelers so far, we have decided to change course during this window of time, before they are of school age.

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Coming to Australia…

Brett and I are getting more and more excited to bring the family down to Australia in March! (Trying not to think about the 14-hour flight with twin toddlers though. ;))

And I’m delighted to share that my first-ever official workshop in Australia is filling up fast.

If you’re making or on track for seven-figures or more, take a look at my Repower Workshop happening on March 14&15 at the beautiful Four Seasons Sydney.

It’s a unique leadership retreat for serious entrepreneurs who want an intimate environment to strategize and collaborate on their next level of success and impact

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Client referral for you…

If I had a possible client referral for you today, would you go through these stages in your mind?

1. Excitement… which, after you set a time to talk, turns to…
2. Anxiety or even dread… regarding what to say on the phone!

If you’re like most coaches and consultants, you’ve probably been “winging” these types of calls for years. Some you ace, and others you hang up knowing you could have done better.

Perhaps you’ve tried scripts but they feel stilted and out of integrity.

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Create Wealth in 2016…here's how

Do you believe building wealth is something other women can do, but not you?

Does it seem like an overwhelming task…or completely out of your reach?

Then there’s someone I’d like you to meet.

My client Barbara Stanny, the leading authority on women and wealth, can show you how to become a Wealth Builder in the New Year.

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Working with me in 2016…

When entrepreneurs reach a certain level, they often know it’s time for a new, and different kind of coach and mentor.

But what they want can differ.

Some want specific strategy and planning help throughout the year.

Some simply want an elite confidante who understands where they are and who they can talk with through opportunities and challenges.

Some want a boost stepping into greater impact and leadership.

And some understandably simply don’t want to be part of larger or highly publicized group programs anymore as they have achieved a greater level of success.

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Join me and Ivanka Trump in 2016 [last chance]

A courtesy reminder that the deadline for signing up for this wonderful course is coming up in just a few days on December 10.

If you’ve been following my focus on helping more women LEAD, you’re witnessing the wonderful opportunities I’m coming into as a result.

And my biggest joy is being able to share them with you.

Here is one growth experience coming up soon that you can participate in from anywhere in the world, and I haven’t seen anything quite like it.

The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership is dedicated to helping women rise to become the leaders they are meant to be, and it is launching a Six Month Masterclass starting in January that promises to change the conversation on women’s leadership forever.

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I took this course, and so should you…

Right now, everyone and their mother has a “free training” to offer you, but I want to grab your attention for a minute by sharing a free training that is simply AMAZING.

It was truly life changing FOR ME.

And it will be for YOU too.

It’s led by women’s transformation leader Claire Zammit, Ph.D.c., and when I anonymously dialed in just a few years ago to listen to what she had to say (before I even knew who Claire was), I was blown away.

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