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[BONUS] — Glambition Radio Sampler Show!

I have a little surprise for you. I put together this sampler of some of the best clips from interviews I’ve done over the past year. Get ready for some quick, real and inspiring conversation on this special BONUS episode of Glambition Radio.

We’ve included some powerful moments as well as some humorous ones — this could be the best 15-minutes you’ve had in quite awhile. 😉

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’re going to hear:

* Lisa Robertson, Designer + Former QVC Host – the a-ha moment that led Lisa to leave QVC and create an empire

* Rha Goddess, Founder + CEO of Move The Crowd – why Rha believes we may have to let go of what we’ve built (and to dismantle your business model and make a change)

* Laura Roeder, Founder + CEO of MeetEdgar – how Laura dealt with sexism when it showed up in an interview at MeetEdgar (and what she instilled in her company to combat the issue)

* The Danger of “Business as Usual” – why I challenge you to STOP aiming for “normal” as soon as possible, for not only your own success, but your survival. 

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A Creative Boost! on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

“A Creative Boost” — Glambition Radio Episode 136 with Ali Brown

For years—in both school and organizations we’ve worked in—we’ve been programmed to always have the right answer, instead of asking the right questions. But it’s the right questions that lead to better answers. Creative and critical thinking will set you up for more profound ideas and breakthroughs in your business—guaranteed. And this solo episode of Glambition Radio is my short primer to help you begin to regain this lost art

Remember, in our world, creative = more profits, more excitement and fulfillment, and more opportunities. All good, all around. As I taught at my last workshop, ICONIC, it’s increasingly important to be thinking differently than everyone else in your industry, to continually be positioned in your own unique category. 

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Why you need to take time off

I’ve had new clients come to me privately exhausted and disillusioned after working with other mentors who have pushed them to the brink of a breakdown.

‘Meet your big goal faster’ was their motto, and whenever the clients suggested slowing down or showed signs of weariness (or even illness), they were accused of being uncommitted.

They thought doing more and more was the answer. Or marketing harder and harder was the answer. And on top of that, doing it FASTER.

These aren’t the answers. They are a lie of the entrepreneurial ego.

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Eleanor Beaton, Women’s Leadership Expert — Glambition Radio Episode 135 with Ali Brown

Meet the woman who got hate mail for telling all you ladies to STOP saying ‘yes’ to all those coffee dates with everyone who just wants to suck your brain dry. It’s time we learn there’s a difference between being supportive of women versus saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone. Because it keeps us from gaining more seats at the big tables where deals are made. And WE are desperately needed for higher leadership. Boom. We just said it. Get ready for a VERY real conversation on women’s leadership on Glambition Radio.

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See you in April? [New Workshop]

I’m writing you from the lush private backyard of our lovely beach rental in Sydney, trying to focus among the squawking of about eight rainbow lorikeets that have landed in our trees. (They are lovely, but so loud!)

The twins are doing very well. This is their fourth trip to Australia, and they seem to be born travelers. We’re not quite over our jetlag yet, but getting there.

Being an international family isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. The experiences our four-and-a-half year olds are having here—and the accompanying view of the world they are gaining—are priceless.

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Katia Beauchamp on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Katia Beauchamp, CEO + Co-Founder of Birchbox — Glambition Radio Episode 134 with Ali Brown

The 500 billion dollar beauty industry was begging for disruption, as products had been sold the same way for decades. Cue Katia Beauchamp with her revolutionary beauty box subscription idea: Birchbox. This gal was ready to make waves. And she did. The company grew rapidly, hitting its five-year plan in just seven months. Today Birchbox has more than 1 million subscribers, 4 million customers, 800 beauty and grooming brand partners, operations in six countries, and stores in New York City and Paris. Katia walks us through how she did it on this episode of Glambition Radio.

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Liz Dennery Sanders, Branding Expert + Founder of SheBrand — Glambition Radio Episode 133 with Ali Brown

Real expert. Real deal. Real cool. So rare to find these days. After years of running a Hollywood PR agency that got designer brands into celebrity hands, today Liz Dennery Sanders builds her clients strong, compelling brands that resonate. And she’s sharing her story and tips on Glambition Radio.

Liz was one of the first publicists out there to build relationships between brands and high-profile women, working with icons like Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Sarah Jessica Parker called her up asking her to dress her for the ballet.

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Different ways of getting creative…

Years ago, my husband Brett worked for an innovative ideation startup based in Northern California.

When the creative heads wanted to cook up a few new ideas, they all locked up in the conference room and proceeded to get well baked.

(Brett said he did partake on a few occasions, but of course did not inhale.)

While the ceremony resulted in some unique ideas, they regretted never recording their sessions, because they couldn’t remember what they talked about!

When you use the word “creative”, it can connote many different perspectives.

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Abby Lou Walker, CEO of Vivian Lou — Glambition Radio Episode 132 with Ali Brown

One phone call CAN change your life. And Abby Lou Walker’s passion for high heels paid off in a big way. After years of success in the corporate world feeling empty and unsatisfied, she set out on a quest for something to make her feel alive again. And what started as a “hobby” business (while being a full-time working mom), turned into a single-product company with multi-million dollar annual sales.

Abby’s ingenious product helps women wear the heels they love up to 4x longer without pain. After Google-searching “how to prevent high heel pain”, Abby stumbled across a forum where women were discussing a hard-to-find insole product called Insolia.

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Jo Piazza, Best-Selling Author of “How to Be Married" — Glambition Radio Episode 131 with Ali Brown

She’s an award-winning journalist and bestselling author of seven books, but it was Jo Piazza’s most recent nonfiction “How to Be Married” that got my attention. And I have to say this was one of the most entertaining conversations we’ve had on Glambition Radio. (Including my 4-year-old son busting in on us, but I digress…)

After years of “dating everyone in New York City” without finding husband material, Jo made peace with never getting married. Then, when she wasn’t looking, it happened: While on assignment in the Galapagos Islands, she met her now-husband, Nick, and was head over heels.

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