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50% off Closeout Sale is on!

My new website and some exciting new products will be launched soon, but in the meantime, our plan to “clean house” and CLOSE-OUT 9 of my best-selling products is underway.

This is the LAST TIME you will be able to purchase these best-selling programs. We hate to see them go, but as thank-you for taking notice, I’m happy to give you a full 50% off during this close-out event.

Here’s just a sampling of the 9 products and courses you’ll find on sale TODAY: 

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Blowing up my website – closeout SALE

As my team and I are working on a brand new website and exciting new offerings for later this fall, we came to a difficult and BIG decision… we have decided to “clean house” and CLOSE-OUT NINE of my products.

Why would we do this? After all, some of these have been best-sellers. Well, when you are ready for a big up-level, even some of the “great” has to move over for the “new and different and great”. 😉

I know some of you will think I’m crazy, but this is the LAST TIME you will be able to purchase these proven programs.

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Get My "SHINE" Program for 50% Off Now!

I’m cleaning out my inventory and I’ve got some exciting news! You can now get my SHINE Premier Conference for Women Entrepreneurs Deluxe Digital Set for 50% off!

Hundreds of success-minded women met me in Texas in 2011 to experience areinvention of their lives and their businesses. They came to my SHINE event, and by the end of 3 transformational days together, they walked away empowered and enlightened by what happened behind closed doors.

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