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Shaping up, meeting up, and stepping up…

Well I can’t believe the twins have just started kindergarten. For those of you who are moms I’m sure you can relate to what an emotional day it was for all of us.

I’m so proud of who they are becoming, but also there’s always a bit of sadness when it seems to happen so fast.

In between my tears(!), I wanted to drop a quick update this week on a few opportunities coming up to help you reach your goals, in a few different ways…


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Amanda Tress on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Amanda Tress, Founder of FASTer Way To Fat Loss  — Glambition Radio Episode 147 with Ali Brown

You’re about to hear an insightful interview from one of my top clients. But on this show you’re going to hear a very personal story from me, Ali Brown, of how I lost 25 pounds over the last three months, and it was easier and more enjoyable than I ever thought possible. (Have a peek at

Since having my twins, I kind of settled into my new weight, thinking I would have to suffer incredibly to get back toward my previous size, so I wasn’t interested in any of it.

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