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If you do consulting (or want to), one more chance…

I’m back from speaking in Paris, and it’s great to be home! (I do miss speaking French a bit though – I know very little of the language yet, but it’s just so beautiful. However it seemed in France that my best attempts at French brought out everyone’s best English. ;))

Wanted you to know about this…

My good friend Ari Galper is coming back to the States in June, and I wanted to be sure you knew about a few opportunities to meet up with him and learn more about his “Trusted Authority” teachings and system.

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If you do consulting, please read this…

Most everything that professional consultants have relied on in the past to acquire high-quality clients has completely lost its effectiveness.


You see, most consultants are still operating under the “old rules” of how they should grow their businesses — which completely contradict with how their clients want (and need) to be sold in this day and age.

What used to be “normal” for consultants, like:
– Relying on referrals
– Chasing potential clients
– Showing up for networking opportunities
– Trying to be “everywhere” online

…are now the exact opposite strategies of what consultants should be doing to grow their venture to a high-six or 7-figure consulting business.

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