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“Do You Know Your Weak Spots? Here’s How to Identify Them, and What You Should Know” by Ali Brown

As entrepreneurs, we pride ourselves on our individualistic natures and the strength it takes for us to show up every day and run our businesses. But once we step into a big role, even we can’t escape those humbling moments where we come face to face with our inherent weaknesses. Some of us are brilliant at motivating our team, but we get a little sloppy when tending to little details. Others shine at ironing out inefficiencies, but aren’t so good at big-picture innovating.

These inconsistencies are what make us human. And while it might be hard to fess up to our weaknesses, bringing them to light is exactly what we need to do in order to make sure our businesses succeed.

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"Is Your Time Worth What You Think It Is?" by Ali Brown

Time is the most important asset you have—and unlike money, once you’ve spent it, you can’t earn any more. That’s why it’s so important to make the most of your 24 hours, especially as a business owner.
So, how can you become more productive and profitable, without working insane hours and sacrificing your personal life? Read on for a few steps on how to start managing your time like a successful entrepreneur…
STEP 1: Discover how much your time is worth

The first step to maximizing your time is to understand what yours is really worth.

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Ask Ali: "How can I tell if my business idea is a profitable one?"

Question: “Ali, I want to teach stay at home moms how to launch and market a small business. How do I know if this would be a profitable niche? Thank You!” – Joanna Paez, New Windsor, N.Y.
Ali’s Answer: Thanks for your smart question, Joanna! I meet many entrepreneurs passionate about creating businesses around their exciting ideas, which is great—but too often they forget to think through whether their idea can make money.
Your question is a loaded one however, because your success will be determined on many factors.

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