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The gift of a plateau in your business…

Many clients who come work with me do so because their businesses has reached a plateau.

A tremendously successful plateau, but… a plateau.

Or even, they have started to see sales declining. They just aren’t getting the numbers they used to get so easily and naturally.

Is that you?

First of all, congratulate yourself for the success you’ve already reached. Often when we reach a plateau it means we have built a stable and solid venture. It’s the top of that traditional business S-curve.

Second of all, you’re not alone.

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You’re not high maintenance. You’re high concept.

“You’re not high maintenance. You’re… uh… high concept,” he said, eyeing me suspiciously across the table as he swirled his Scotch.

It was our second date, and that was when I knew I’d probably never hear from him again.

I was correct.

I wasn’t surprised, because smart women typically freak out LA men.

But I was thrilled, because he’d given me a true gift.

I’d finally been defined.

That was 2010, but I’d always been a different bird. Still am. And I’m guessing you are too.

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It’s exhausting to market “harder”…

When competition swarms around, it can be good in many ways, as it gets you to raise your game.

But most often, it actually keeps you playing small … because then often your entire focus becomes marketing.

And that’s exhausting.


Because someone else will always have…

Cooler videos.

A larger following.

Greater exposure.

More cash to market.

Better ads.

More posts.

A larger team.

Lower prices.

More famous friends.

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Who should NOT read this blog post…

If you’ve felt for any reason you’re pretty average at what you do, or lack confidence in yourself, or aren’t sure what your gifts are, this is NOT a blog you should keep reading.

However, if you know you’re different and special, if you know you’ve been blessed with talents and gifts that you at times wonder how you even deserved, if you feel you’re here on this earth in this lifetime to do something quite extraordinary and create profound impact… this blog is for you.

I have a feeling your business has been performing very well over the past several years.

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