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Rebecca Minkoff, LONDON, and becoming ICONIC

How is your summer starting so far? The twins have been out of school for several weeks now, so it seems like we’re already halfway through. Our California Disney trip was a ton of fun—here’s a quick pic of us with the Mouse during our fantastic VIP tour!—but I’m glad to be back to our own sun, fun, and pool right in our own backyard. 🙂 You can catch up with some of our latest pics on my IG profile here.

Now, here’s some quick updates on a few things you may be interested in…


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Kelly Roach on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Kelly Roach, Business Growth Coach — Glambition Radio Episode 168 with Ali Brown

‘Nothing is worth this.’ That’s how my client Kelly Roach describes the moment she knew the madness had to stop. She had the launch plans, landing pages, and email funnels for her successful coaching business, but not only was it becoming less effective — she was burning out. On Glambition Radio, Kelly reveals how she threw out all the formulas, simplified everything, and created her ‘Live Launch’ model, which is working better than ever.

What I love about Kelly’s model is that it relies on intuition and human connection… and it works.

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Beth Comstock on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Beth Comstock, Author of ‘Imagine It Forward’ and Former Vice Chair of G.E. — Glambition Radio Episode 167 with Ali Brown

Beth Comstock was one of the most powerful leaders in corporate America… and one of the few women at the top…until one day she was abruptly let go from G.E. Suddenly, everything shifted. About to publish her first book on the power of change, Beth had to walk her talk in a new way: open up to change, discover what was waiting, and give herself permission to take risks. And she’s sharing her very personal story on Glambition Radio.

While I was familiar with Beth before this new chapter in her life, I have to tell you I was even more excited to interview her NOW, in the midst of her own personal reinvention.

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An exciting announcement…

As I write this, I’m preparing to host a 25-child birthday party for my twins, who are turning six! We’re celebrating a bit early, as their school lets out for summer in just a few days, and it was easier for everyone.

Before I self-medicate 😉 I wanted to make sure you knew about one LAST detail that just came through regarding ICONIC 3.0, my event for women business leaders happening this November 5+6, 2019 in Phoenix.

Today I’m thrilled to announce a private BONUS session with my friend, a billion-dollar dealmaker, serial entrepreneur Cindy Eckert.

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Why I’m a marketing ‘agnostic’…

I’d like to quickly address a question I have received, and that’s regarding my position on online marketing.

‘Dear Ali, you seem to rant on how all marketing funnels are bad. Are you against ALL of the launch ‘formulas’ that are out there now? I’d like to know.’

To answer that question, not exactly.

Of the many clients I work with whose revenues are in the 7-figures and above, some of them have used funnels, webinars, social ads, video series, and similar formulas to get there.

But let me share a secret with you… my clients who are on track for multiple 7-figures or even 8-figures (one of my Premier clients is now doing over a million dollars a month) aren’t using any of that.

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Our meetings in NYC…

I’m here with Brett and my assistant Erika in NYC for several meetings this week. It’s a quick trip as we want to get back to the kids this weekend, and I am already missing the Arizona heat! (It’s unseasonably cold in New York right now, and I had to dig out my limited pairs of closed toe shoes from my closet.)

I have a few updates for you about a few things you may be interested in…

1. My latest episode of #GlambitionRadio is LIVE featuring my friend Reagan Moya-Jones, founder of Aden+Anais, who makes those incredible muslin baby blankets (you know the ones if you’ve had a baby in the last 10 years).

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Raegan Moya-Jones on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Raegan Moya-Jones, Founder of Aden+Anais and Author of ‘What It Takes’ — Glambition Radio Episode 166 with Ali Brown

After building her $100-million baby blanket company from the ground up, Raegan Moya-Jones had forever changed the lives of parents of newborns. Even infant Prince George was seen wearing one of Raegan’s swaddles at his first royal appearance!

But then last year, after taking on new VC partners, she was abruptly fired… from her own company. In this powerfully candid episode of Glambition Radio, Raegan doesn’t hold back. She opens up about the pain of having no say in the business she founded, her humble background, and her exciting new venture (it’s quite a pivot from baby blankets!).

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Aiming higher than equality…

Much of the conversation I’ve had lately with several high-profile women leaders has been about the themes we’ve been hearing on the news over and over during the last year… topics like women’s equality, the #MeToo movement, catching up where we should be, making things right, evening things out, and fixing things that are broken.

These are important conversations.

But we agreed there also needs to be much more conversation about something else for women. Especially women like us.

And it’s about LEADING.

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What’s NEW at ICONIC This Fall…

We are gearing up here for ICONIC 3.0 this fall, my annual event for women changemakers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

If you’re not on the Priority Notification list yet, you’ll want to be, because in past years we have SOLD OUT within days. You can get on that list here.

There continues to be nothing like ICONIC, anywhere, and there’s a reason that women leaders from a variety of industries fly in from all over the world to attend.

A quick heads-up on a few NEW developments at this year’s conference, happening November 5+6 in Phoenix, AZ:

We have room for 80-90 leaders total, a bit more than last year.

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Angela Allison, CEO + Co-founder of Wine Society — Glambition Radio Episode 165 with Ali Brown

Wine in a CAN. But a slim, cool, sexy can. Delivered to your door. Stay with me here. How do you know when an industry is due for disruption? And that your idea will really take off? In this episode of Glambition Radio you’ll learn how Angela Allison decided to launch her unique subscription-based wine business, Wine Society, after a career that spanned from graphic design to nursing.

Since their launch in January 2018, they are shipping to just under 40 states, now retailing in major grocery stores like Kroger and Albertsons, and been spotlighted in mainstream magazines like Us Weekly.

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