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Lyndie Benson on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Lyndie Benson, Founder + Designer of Bleusalt — Glambition Radio Episode 155 with Ali Brown

This is a story of personal reinvention, as well as fashion innovation. Meet Lyndie Benson. You may not know her name, but her talents were behind the career of her husband for 30 years: saxophonist Kenny G. (Many don’t know that Lyndie named all of Kenny’s commercially successful albums and names of the songs, as well as designed most of the album covers.) But when their marriage came to an end a few years ago, she decided it was high time to put her own creative passions first. Her sustainable luxury fashion brand Bleusalt is barely a few years out of the gate, but its chic, relaxed, eco-style has already drawn the attention of celebs like Cindy Crawford and Patrick Dempsey.

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