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If you run a coaching or training program, read this…

Somewhere in your home office, there’s likely sitting a long-forgotten tool that’s collecting dust.

It kind of was for us, too. But once we put this tool to use, it increased our coaching & training sales to record levels (and our member retention too).

Want to know what we used, how we used it, and how you can experience the same results?

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You're writing too much.

Feel like you’re continually creating articles, blog posts, social media posts, scripts for calls and webinars, etc.?
Well, please STOP right now, because I’m about to show you how you can cut this workload in HALF. 🙂
Once I realized I was always running on the wheel of never-ending content creation, I stepped back and looked at how I could start reusing my content in different ways.

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Why people just don’t “like” me…

This year, my team and I quickly became aware that being “liked” on Facebook was great—but being “shared” was even better.

In fact, there’s a super-simple trick we started using on Facebook this past March that increased our “likes” by 359%, our “comments” by 525% and our “shares” by get this—1,843%. (Hint: It’s not Facebook ads. It didn’t cost us a dime. And, it doesn’t involve having twin babies ;))

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“How to Track and Tweak Your Marketing & Sales Results” by Ali Brown

As one of the internet entrepreneurs who started back in the ‘90s, I was fortunate enough to learn early on the importance of monitoring the success of my marketing efforts. Today, I encourage all of my clients to start this practice in their own businesses.
Here’s why it’s a good idea to start tracking your marketing and sales results:

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