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“Do They ‘Get’ What You Do? 3 Must-Have Elements to a Powerful Marketing Message” by Ali Brown

Your marketing message is your ‘elevator pitch’. It’s a short, concise way to tell people what you do. Done well, it can turn a stranger into a potential client. But if it’s not well-crafted, it can actually kill your credibility, and turn people away.

When a struggling entrepreneur comes to me for help with their marketing, I make our first order of business to review their marketing message. I do this because it’s often the Achilles’ Heel in a business that’s plateaued, and it’s a simple fix that doesn’t cost a penny to implement.

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Your free ticket to my live event in March 2013…

Many of you have been asking me when I plan to host my next live “in person” event, so mark your calendars. The time has come…

I’d like to invite you to become an Elevate member and join me for my ONE and ONLY live event in 2013. It’s called Thrive Live!, and it’s happening Tuesday & Wednesday, March 12-13, 2013, here in Los Angeles, Calif.

This is a 2-day workshop featuring hands-on, interactive training with me and my expert team of Elevate coaches. And it’s the ONLY live event I will be hosting in all of 2013.

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