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“Why I Haven’t Watched the ‘News’ in 15 Years” by Ali Brown

Yesterday I was taking a break and decided to catch up with the news online at a major news site. Not sure what I was looking for. Just a kind of “what’s going on in our country” type of thing while I was having a coffee. 

But when I went to browse the headlines, I was only shown story after story that were all highlighting violence, abuse, cruelty, and other human atrocities. One of them, about a child murdered, led me to tears. 

Brett walked in and asked me if I was OK.

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“5 Reasons to be an Optimist” by Ali Brown

No doubt you’ve heard sayings about happiness and the power of positive thinking. For instance, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and “some pursue happiness, others create it.” Turns out that optimism truly is a powerful force. And, regardless of your circumstances or personal setbacks, you can choose to approach life with a positive outlook. Transforming negative thoughts into positive ones does increase your chances of success!

Now, if your inner skeptic is saying, “Bah… humbug!” and you’re still not convinced here are five findings that prove the power of positivity.

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