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Christy Whitman on Glambition Radio Episode 151 with Ali Brown

Christy Whitman, Coach + Author of ‘Quantum Success’ — Glambition Radio Episode 151 with Ali Brown

My guest this week used to be unhappy in just about every area of her life. She was 30 pounds overweight, nearly $60,000 in debt working a job she hated, and she believed, like most do, that if her external circumstances shifted, she’d finally be happy. But she discovered it was actually time to look inward.

And that led Christy Whitman on a trajectory of not only changing her life, but becoming a renowned transformational coach and two-time New York Times best-selling author. If you’re feeling in a “rut” with your business (or within yourself!), this #GlambitionRadio episode is a must listen!

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