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Tomorrow: Go big? Or go home? (I chose home…)

As I was growing my business, I heard from more than one mentor things like… “Go BIG or go home. MASSIVE action or nothing!” Hmmm.

It made me feel like my life wouldn’t matter unless I did what seemed like BIG things. So I pushed and I pushed.

And, I went BIG. I did some great things. And I helped a lot of people too. But I got so caught up in the BIGNESS, that eventually I realized I didn’t even know what I wanted anymore.

I was exhausted.

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The week I lived on welfare…

Just a few years ago, I was invited to be on an ABC show called Secret Millionaire. Were you able to see it?

During the weeklong shoot, I was stripped of my identity, lived on welfare wages of $55, and volunteered in some emotional situations. And at the end of the week I gave away $100,000 to some really deserving people in my community. It was quite an experience.

When you watch that episode (which aired as the Season 2 Finale, and you can view it on Amazon), you will see me transform before your eyes.

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It's time… for a Revelation.

Last year I released a groundbreaking VIDEO about my personal path with my “higher power”.

It featured me and my family, and my talking about my relationship with Spirit.

It received more views and positive response than anything I’d ever done.

And it led to a pivotal call I hosted on how to INSTANTLY regain this power in your own life.

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