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My Close-Out Sale ends tonight…

Just a heads up that my Simply Irresistible! 50% OFF Close-Out Sale will end TODAY. Act fast before the last copy is GONE for good. Get Simply Irresistible! at 50% OFF here now.

I teamed up with renowned sales expert Lisa Sasevich to create this 5-part program, and it’s helped hundreds of small business owners just like you boost their speaking gigs and bank accounts.

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"8 Secrets to Being a Successful Speaker" by Ali Brown

As a business owner, you’ll be surprised how much your world will expand when you begin to connect with a live audience. Your confidence will attract new clients, new resources, mentors, and the media. So, if you’re ready to master this powerful business development tool, here are my top 9 basic tips for success on the stage:
1. Research — Do your research before you even attempt to write your speech. Who is your audience? What are your “take aways” — the most important things you want them to walk away having learned from you?

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