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Meet my rock-star client, Heather Dominick…

If you’re a solopreneur or entrepreneur, I wanted to let you know about a special 3-hour livecast happening this Thursday…

It’s called the EnergyRICH® Master Class, and it’s hosted by Heather Dominick, a rock star client of mine who I mentor in my top-tier Elevate Premier program.

Heather’s online master class is designed for what she calls the “Highly Sensitive EntrepreneurTM” (HSE)–someone who reflects more deeply on things than most people, is highly intuitive, creative and visionary, and more conscientious, cautious and wise. If you resonate with these qualities, I think you’ll get a lot out of her 3-hour training.

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“The Disappearance of the ‘Middle Class’, and What It Means to Small Business Owners” by Ali Brown

Right now in the U.S., we’re in the midst of heated debates between the candidates of our outdated dual-party system. I really can’t bear to watch any of it… makes my stomach turn. Seems no one is addressing the real issues anymore.
But, one observation we’re hearing a lot about lately that I can’t ignore is that the middle class, as we’ve known it, is disappearing.
And I’d agree, it’s sure looking that way.
I’m not here to get political by any means. (I’m not aligned with any particular party, by the way, in case you’re curious.)
But I do think it’s important to step back and look at what’s happening, so you can be prepared if needed.

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1 idea –> 12+ revenue streams? Yep.

You’re hearing a lot of talk about this “big world of opportunity” available to entrepreneurs everywhere, and especially for women.
It’s one of the topics I focused on in the first video of my new THRIVE video series.
But the truth is… very few mentors are diving in deeper and telling you what’s REALLY important for growing a moneymaking business you love.
I’m still seeing too many business owners “running on the hamster wheel”, and not tapping into a few simple and proven systems that can help them make dramatic profits and live an extraordinary life.

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