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If you're a speaker or want to become one, read this…

If you want to learn how to dramatically increase your income as a speaker, then you’re going to love what I’m about to announce…
Starting TODAY, I’m holding a 50% OFF CLOSE-OUT SALE for one of my most powerful programs, “Simply Irresistible: How to Sell More from the Stage… Easily, Effortlessly, and Authentically”.
I teamed up with renowned sales expert Lisa Sasevich to create this 5-part program, and it’s helped hundreds of small business owners just like you boost their speaking gigs and bank accounts.

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“How to Make Money with Other People’s Products and Programs” by Ali Brown

If you keep up with marketing blogs and online business in general, it’s likely you’ve heard the word affiliate thrown around a lot. And it’s no wonder… Programs of this type are everywhere these days.

But many of you have asked me exactly what an affiliate is, and so I want to back up for a moment and clear up this concept once and for all.

An affiliate is someone who earns commissions for promoting someone else’s products or services.

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Can I help you with your income streams?

Give me any business or industry, and I can show you more ways to make money within it.

That’s a bold statement, and it’s true.

One of the joys of being a business and success mentor over the past several years has been being able to work with hundreds of entrepreneurs within different industries—from authors to clothing designers, wedding planners to corporate consultants, meeting organizers to nutrition coaches, psychics to financial planners and many more.

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TODAY is the last day to enter my "Entrepreneur to Watch"contest…

Have you had a chance to enter my Annual “Entrepreneurs to Watch” Contest? The entries keep coming in, and I’m thrilled to see so many of you ready to win in 2013!
This is a final courtesy reminder that TODAY is the last day you can submit your business to win the title of THE “Entrepreneur to Watch of 2013“. To get all the details on how to enter the contest, visit my Elevate Public Facebook Page.

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Meet my rock-star client, Heather Dominick…

If you’re a solopreneur or entrepreneur, I wanted to let you know about a special 3-hour livecast happening this Thursday…

It’s called the EnergyRICH® Master Class, and it’s hosted by Heather Dominick, a rock star client of mine who I mentor in my top-tier Elevate Premier program.

Heather’s online master class is designed for what she calls the “Highly Sensitive EntrepreneurTM” (HSE)–someone who reflects more deeply on things than most people, is highly intuitive, creative and visionary, and more conscientious, cautious and wise. If you resonate with these qualities, I think you’ll get a lot out of her 3-hour training.

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Enter my annual “Entrepreneur to Watch” contest powered by Elevate!

It’s here! Once again, I’m raising the bar for women like YOU, who “play to win” in their businesses and lives every day—and it could mean HUGE exposure for you and your business…

Introducing my annual “Entrepreneur to Watch” Contest powered by Elevate!

Starting TODAY, you can submit your business to win the title of THE “Entrepreneur to Watch of 2013”. To get all the details on how to enter the contest, visit the Elevate Public Facebook page.

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"3 Steps to Getting the Right Things Done” by Ali Brown

As a home-based entrepreneur, help can come to you in many forms, from the kid’s morning carpool to a personal assistant who can help with errands and organizing. Most of us know we need the help, but we put off making the decision with all types of excuses, like “I can’t afford to hire someone!”or “I don’t need to have someone else do THAT. It’s so easy—I can handle it!”
Contrary to our limiting beliefs, HELP comes in all shapes and sizes. And, you don’t have to be an advanced business owner, or spend a ton of money to deserve an extra hand.

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One simple action every entrepreneur should take…

In my years as an entrepreneur mentor, I’ve noticed that successful entrepreneurs do ONE thing consistently—and this simple action sets them apart from those who struggle…

They schedule time to focus ON their business—instead of drowning in day-to-day tasks.

Imagine having a focused system for getting new clients—a simple action plan for your immediate success. This is why thousands have signed up for my FREE 4-hour online “Profit Map Workshop”, happening Wednesday, May 15.  Please join us!

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My first ever online "Profit Map Workshop"…

With just a few weekends left before summer officially begins, I wanted to make sure you knew about my brand new event coming up…
It’s my first ever, FREE online “Profit Map Workshop”, and it’s happening Wednesday, May 15!
I timed this workshop so you can get clear and focused before the summer even begins, and use the next few months to ramp things up for you and your family. Get ready for a unique mix of live training, in-depth exercises, and Q&A that you can implement immediately in your business!

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