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“Creating Real Change Requires Taking Real Action” by Ali Brown

It makes complete sense that entrepreneurship is so attractive to women right now. The traditional work model has never been a good fit for women, especially for those raising families, so for us, being able to custom-design a business that fits the lifestyle we want is the ultimate dream.

But, being an entrepreneur requires one KEY quality: the willingness to take risks. And this is where I see many promising entrepreneurs and new business owners struggle. Especially women.

You see, when I mentor a client, she always starts out saying she is finally ready to step up and build a wildly profitable business.

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Jessica Herrin, Founder & CEO of Stella & Dot, this week on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

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Remember back when the Avon lady knocked on your door, or your neighbor invited you to a Tupperware party? Well, Jessica Herrin has taken that old-school direct sales model, updated it for today’s woman, wooed over 30,000 gals from all over the world to work it, and has grown it into a $450 million+ company. (Yes, you read that right. In fact, some sources estimate it will hit a BILLION dollars in a few short years.)
As the founder and CEO of Stella & Dot, a “social selling” jewelry and accessories company, Jessica reinvented and redefined the merchandising industry in a way that helps women entrepreneurs balance life and work.

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“Why I Haven’t Watched the ‘News’ in 15 Years” by Ali Brown

Yesterday I was taking a break and decided to catch up with the news online at a major news site. Not sure what I was looking for. Just a kind of “what’s going on in our country” type of thing while I was having a coffee. 

But when I went to browse the headlines, I was only shown story after story that were all highlighting violence, abuse, cruelty, and other human atrocities. One of them, about a child murdered, led me to tears. 

Brett walked in and asked me if I was OK.

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“7 Mantras for Becoming a Money Magnet in the New Year” by Ali Brown

When I mentor my entrepreneur clients, most of them are surprised to discover that I often spend just as much time coaching them on a correct money mindset as I do on sound business strategies. How you think and feel about money is just as important as how you earn it. But if you don’t think and feel wealthy, then you’ll never get to that point.

So you need to think rich, feel rich, and take rich actions to achieve the lifestyle you want and to support the causes (and people) you care about.

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“5 Steps to a Powerful LinkedIn Profile” By Ali Brown

When it comes to marketing your business via social media, Facebook, and Twitter get most of the hype. But, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for attracting new clients to your business and impressing your current ones, especially if you are a service provider.

Think of LinkedIn as a more professional version of Facebook where you can post links and status updates, join groups, and connect with key players in your industry, and stay in touch with people in your professional circles.

Here are five steps to creating a LinkedIn profile that can grow your client list:

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