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Time to “reset” your fees?

kendall-summerhawkIs the value of what you do worth much more than you’re charging?

Perhaps you’ve thought about pressing reset on your fees, but haven’t been sure of the right step to take.

This topic is close to my heart, so I wanted you to know about my longtime client Kendall SummerHawk’s free Money Mindset Masterclass.

You can get instant access now for just the next few days.

Her money teachings are nothing short of incredibly powerful.

Kendall is sharing the exact steps she used for raising her fees and getting her coaching business out of a really stuck place years ago, into being a multi-million dollar business the last 7 years and counting.

On the webinar, Kendall will be sharing:

* Why Money Mindset works for increasing your business income
* The 4 most dangerous money mindsets women entrepreneurs have
* What your ‘Money GPS‘ is and how to find it
* Details on how you can powerfully own your worth and increase your income

The new level you’re hungry to achieve in your business means you need a fresh new approach in how you think about money, from the inside out and Kendall delivers that and more in her Money Mindset Masterclass…

Get instant access to this training now.

Love and success,

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