‘It’s Time for the Revolution’— Glambition® Radio Episode 295 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

‘It’s Time for the Revolution’— Glambition® Radio Episode 295 with Ali Brown

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There are multiple timelines in existence right now. And it’s critical that we consciously select the higher ones… as entrepreneurs, as mothers, as citizens, as humans. 

Because we are here to help bring the world through to ‘the other side’, in more ways than one. As entrepreneurs, we are likely here to create new ways of doing business. But in the overarching scope of things, we are really here to create a brand new world

And WOMEN entrepreneurs are a huge part of leading this charge. (Have you noticed the answers have never pointed more strongly than right now to the ways WE have always worked best? The old ways are imploding, and it’s a mess, but… absolutely awesome. ;))

I’m curious if you’ve been feeling this too. Are YOU being called to something different in a way? Possibly to step into your greatest and most powerful work of your lifetime? 

This year, as I bring back my annual ICONIC event for entrepreneurial women leaders, I felt strongly called to give it the theme of revolution. And I explain why on today’s episode of Glambition Radio. 

In the midst of all the world’s recent madness… the chaos… the nonsensical happenings… the upending of most all we knew… there are actually opportunities so immense (both business + personal) that are hard to fathom by most ‘normal’ folks.

But… this all requires first seeing through the mess, focusing on what we CAN control, and then taking charge of where we know things should go. (It’s often the ‘action’ part where we hesitate, don’t we?)

On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear me cover the 5 KEY areas to help you create your own ICONIC revolution, as well as a few tips on how to see our current chaotic times in a different light. 

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AND… while this show is a powerful one, there’s no better way to dig in deep on all this than gathering IN PERSON with other purpose-driven women entrepreneurs, behind closed doors, at a very special workshop.

On Wednesday + Thursday, November 2+3, 2022, I’m inviting back 60-80 established female entrepreneurial leaders to join me in Phoenix, AZ for a powerful two days to create… the new revolution.

>>> Our ICONIC priority notification list is now OPEN here, and I suggest – even if you’re just curious – you sign up now.

Once you do, you’ll be first to receive full details and know when registration officially opens within the next 2 weeks. 

(Also…. would you consider SHARING this show with another female leader you know who’s looking for something different? We’d like more women entrepreneurs to know about the intelligent conversations we’re having on this show as well as at events like ICONIC?)

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