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Have we LOST all connection?

Have you missed being around people? I have.

Even little things like being able to go back to our quiet little spa gym seem like a treat. I was able to hit the weights twice this week and it felt great. (While I tried to workout at home, I just couldn’t get ‘in the zone’ to really do my thing.)

And it was great to give a big smile and ‘hello’ to the other members who were there.

I have a feeling that while we’ve seen virtual meetings boom during the last few months, in-person connections are going to be even more coveted in the next year or two.

It seems that in the last 10+ years of embracing all forms of social media and being able to instantly ‘connect’ digitally with most anyone we desire from our phones, we’ve actually LOST the ability to truly connect with others.

At this time of transactional events and reactive business pivots, the business of people still seems to be a dying art. And ironically, creating true connection has become a unique — nearly ‘renegade’ — strategy.

In Issue No. 5 of my newsletter ‘The Iconoclast’, I share a story of an old friend/colleague who tried to reconnect with me online, and failed miserably.

What was the big mistake she made? Go here to find out.

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Now, Let’s Add Some Profitable Income Streams that Protect You In the Future…

Yesterday I hosted an inspiring LIVE conversation with my client and good friend Michelle Bosch who is an expert in real
estate investing.

And, we discuss how it’s actually a great time right now to consider new business opportunities that protect you in the future. Michelle shared how she helps her students add profitable side income streams to their current careers via land and real estate.

I can vouch that Michelle’s the real deal — her companies boast $40M+ in real estate holdings — so she is walking her talk while she teaches with her husband Jack. Their own story of immigrating to the U.S. for the ‘American Dream’ is quite inspiring. Don’t miss this one!

This was my LAST interview of Season 1 of my enlightening series We Lead LIVE, to share what brilliant 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs are doing right now during this turbulent time to not only survive but thrive — whether it’s doubling down, playing it safe, or shifting gears completely.

But don’t worry – I’ll be back later this summer with a whole other round of amazing women leaders to meet and learn from.

In the meantime catch those replays on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.

PS — Have a wonderful holiday weekend with your families and friends! I hope, no matter your current circumstances, you get to create and feel some summer celebration in your own way. 🙂

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