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2 Days to Glambition™ Radio!

ali brownWe’re 2 days away from unleashing my next chapter, and I’m so excited I just had to write you again!

Get ready for Glambition™ Radio. 

Each week, I’ll be interviewing incredible women who are today’s top entrepreneurs, new thought leaders, passionate business builders, and catalysts of change.

And these aren’t your usual online suspects. I just got off the phone with Jessica Herrin, CEO of Stella & Dot (a home-based accessories company that is estimated to hit $1 billion in revenues in the next few years) and Alexa von Tobel of LearnVest.com, who has raised more than $45 million in funding to further the financial education of women.

I also just interviewed Alli Webb, founder of the wildly popular Drybar blow-dry studios. (This mom of two pioneered an entire new category in the beauty industry, going from doing blow-drys from house to house in 2008… to creating what is today a $40 million chain with 35 stores in 8 states.)

And we are having FUN.

Glambition™ Radio is about the stories behind the successes. It’s about dreaming big, making it happen, and supporting each other along the way. It’s about women turning up their volume, because our passion is such an important part of how we thrive.

Glambition™ Radio officially debuts this Tuesday, Jan. 21, on iTunes. And you can subscribe for free.

I’ll write you one more time on Tuesday with the direct link to listen!

Love and success,

P.S. If you don’t already have an iTunes account, it would be a great time to set one up. It’s free, and this way you’ll be all set to listen on Tuesday. 🙂
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