2021 will be incredible… IF you set it up to be. - Glambition Radio

2021 will be incredible… IF you set it up to be.

Just yesterday I wrapped up our first ‘Zoom Boardroom’ of the year with several members of The Trust, and we set our intentions for 2021.

We are all feeling an incredible surge of energy this year, which is here to support us going for our dreams. And I wanted to share this with you because the conversation was so powerful…

When you tune too much into current ‘news’ or outside circumstances out of our control, it’s easy to lose sight of the powerful frequency we’re moving into that is ours to tap into… a gift for the taking. If you allow it to be.

(To understand more about this human evolution into ‘5D consciousness’, listen to my last two solo episodes of Glambition Radio here. It has a lot to do with our finally honoring our inner wisdom and intuition on all levels, and that extends to your business ventures.)

NOW is the time to claim our vision for what we are here to create.

And from a practical perspective, it’s also perfect timing. Because when nothing makes sense in the outside world, that’s exactly the time for us to go ‘all in’ and create anew.

If you are ready to break-out of outdated frameworks, embrace powerful new perspectives, create fresh new possibilities, and carve your OWN path forward, then I have a few ways in which to offer support.

Because helping high-achieving women design and go for their highest visions is my jam.

Please note for each opportunity a brief application is required as well as an initial conversation with my team… to help us and you make sure we’re a good fit.

1. Premier Coaching + Advisory

I remain one of the most exclusive private coaches in the industry for female leaders in the 7+8 figure ranges. My work centers on ongoing individual advisory, but there are also bonus gatherings with a powerful, intimate group of entrepreneurs. But let me be clear this is NOT a ‘group program’.

Due to my commitments with The Trust for 2021, I can accept only 2 more private Premier clients this year. You can learn more and inquire here.

2. VIP Strategy Days

These are perfect if you’d prefer a single full-day private meeting with me to dream it, dive in, map out strategy, and go. Clients from all over the world have flown in for these days and everyone’s agenda is custom. A few ideas… how to best scale your current model without implosion, position yourself for higher-end fees and clients, plan your next level of growth, drive a creative ‘sharp right turn’, consider preparing your business to sell, or birth a whole new brand that matches where they’re really feeling called right now, among other objectives.

These days are typically conducted in person here in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ, and are very personal — our agenda will be set based on your needs, and we’ll make sure everything is good fit before we agree to move forward. Alternate virtual options are available as well; just ask. You can learn more and inquire here.

3. The Trust

The Trust is the modern, premier network for 7+8 figure women entrepreneurs who are looking for something much different than your typical mastermind or networking group.

We enjoyed a strong start during 2020 and are preparing for an exciting spring of growth and events, with some incredible Special Guest Advisors joining us — female business icons who have founded and led 9-figure companies.

>> If you are an entrepreneur currently running a business generating revenues within the 7-8 figure range, you are invited to join me for a special *closed-door informational session* on Wednesday, February 3 at Noon ET/9 am PT.

I will be personally hosting this call to share more details about The Trust, including all the benefits as well as our upcoming LIVE and virtual events. I will also be answering your questions, so you can see if this would be a great fit for your goals in 2021. To learn more and apply for an invite, visit our special call page here.

Should you feel called to one of these opportunities, my team and I look forward to hearing from you.


PS — If you have specific questions you’d like a quick answer to, feel free to DM me on Instagram.
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