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50% off Close-Out Ends Friday!

Only 3 days left of my 50% off Success Store Close-Out Sale. 9 of my best-selling products will be retired. It’s a big sacrifice, but I’m clearing the way for my new website and all the exciting new offerings launching later this fall.

It’s the LAST TIME you will be able to purchase these proven programs that will help grow your business and transform your life.

Here’s just a sampling of the 9 products and courses you’ll find on sale TODAY: 

Networking Secrets: Simple Strategies for New Friends, Success, and Profits” – Get my networking strategies to have more fun meeting new people than ever before, as well as a PLAN to get the contacts you need to move your business forward fast. ($27 full price -TAKE 50% off!)

List Building System: Strategies, Tools, and Secrets to Grow Your Own Profitable List of Prospects Who Buy!” – Win new qualified prospects, spot new opportunities, and keep growing your list—without exhausting your energy week after week trying figure it out all by yourself. Once your list-building system is up and running, your list will actually seem to grow itself, practically hands-free, as if you’d set it on auto-pilot. ($247 full price -TAKE 50% off!)

24-7 Web Sales: Get More Leads and Clients Online at Little to No Cost” – In this step-by-step program, I partner up with content strategist Lisa Manyon to transform your website into a 24-7 SALES and list-building engine that works FOR you. Get ready to learn the insider secrets to dramatically improve your web content, for results that come in around the clock! ($247 full price -TAKE 50% off!)

Product Launch System: Proven Formula for Greatest Impact and Maximum Profit” – Designed for entrepreneurs of all levels who want to launch a product, program, or event—and maximize sales in a short span of time. This jam-packed course guides you easily, step-by-step through my proven launch strategies. ($497 full price -TAKE 50% off!)

The sale ends THIS Friday, September 19. Once these items are gone, they will be gone for good. Remember to use code LASTCHANCE50 at checkout. Go here now to see my 9 close-out products.

Love and success,

P.S. There’s only 72 hours left to expand your success library at HALF the price. Don’t miss this last chance opportunity. Take a look here now.

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