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“7 Must-Haves for an Effective Opt-In Page” by Ali Brown

A list of prospects will be one of your biggest assets as you build your business. It gives you the power of marketing one-to-many instead of one-to-one.

There are several ways to build your list, and something you’ll definitely need is an opt-in page. (An opt-in page is a web page with an offer and a form that online users can fill out, telling you their name, email address, and other contact information.)

But take warning: If you want people to actually sign up for what you are offering, there are several must-have items you must incorporate into your opt-in page to make sure it works and inspires ACTION.

The most important is that you offer something of value for free. It could be a teleseminar, a report, an audio, a video training, etc.

You’ll get up to 10X more opt-ins from doing a dedicated page (also called a “landing page” versus having it on a page with other items, such as your home page. It always pays to put up a landing page whose only purpose is to promote the single offer.

(By the way, you can see an opt-in page I launched this week here. It’s for a free sample video from my Elevate online business training program that’s all about list building. Feel free to register so you can get some helpful tips, and also see my email follow-up process.)

So, what does your opt-in page need? There are many elements that can increase your response, but to get you started I’ve broken it down into 7 essentials:

1. An attention getting headline. Draw them in with a headline that appeals to their interests. A few fill-in-the-blank examples:

“Finally—Secrets to _______________ Revealed” or
“5 Keys to _________________ Today” or
“Do You Make This Mistake When You ____________________?”

2. Welcoming media (video, audio, image). Add a video where you tell visitors about how they’ll benefit from opting in. If you’re not comfortable with video, next best thing is an audio message. Otherwise, go with an attractive image. Make sure you introduce yourself in your video or audio message, or explain who you are under your photo. Remember you’ll be getting some new people to your page who do not know who you are.

3. Opt-in form. Testing has shown that the right side of the page is best. Make name and email address required fields. I sometimes ask for company, mailing address, and phone number, as optional fields. This form should link up with your list service, such as 1ShoppingCart or InfusionSoft.

4. Powerful copy. Use a conversational style for addressing your audience, and make sure you convey these points:

Relate with your audience. Example: “As an entrepreneur, don’t you wish that you had more than 24 hours in a day?”

Identify with the pain your audience is feeling, such as how you struggled to get clients when you first started your business.

• Let them know you have answers and solutions for them.

• Touch on how you have expert knowledge that can help them solve their problem.

• Emphasize what they’ll learn and be able to use right away. Entice them with the benefits, but leave some surprises to be revealed.

• If appropriate, preview anything you will be selling on the call or in the report. Such as “and you’ll get a sneak peek at my brand new Super Strategies program…”

5. Include your bio. If applicable, let your readers know who you are and why your background makes you a great resource. I put my official bio in a sidebar or at the bottom of my opt-in pages, so it’s part of the template.

6. Privacy policy. Adjacent to your opt-in box, you’ll want to include a brief privacy statement so that your potential customers know that you are not going to share their contact info.

7. Sharing feature. Make it easy for the visitor to share your great resource with others by inviting your reader to join you on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. We have used SmartAddOn and found it’s pretty easy to set up.

Question: What can you do this week to make sure your opt-in page works and inspires ACTION?


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