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A.I. won’t be able to replace this…

If you’ve been following along with progress in tech, you’re likely aware of how fast we are moving toward a world run by A.I. (artificial intelligence). 

In fact, one local mom I met recently confided in me that what her business does is basically help her corporate clients see how they can replace as many employees as possible with A.I. 

Some of this progress seems positive, as of course there are mundane jobs that could easily be taken over by tech, things people don’t want to do, and ways to incredibly shortcut time, money, and energy. 

Beyond that, it feels increasingly like we’re about to live out many of those sci-fi movies from just a few decades ago, so I am not an early adopter. 

For example, I am one of the last holdouts I know of who refuse to get an Alexa. If I need to order more toilet paper, I don’t need to yell a directive across the room to an inanimate object. (I find one-click ordering easy enough.) 

But there IS a fact that gives me immense peace. 

Consider this, if you will…

What can artificial intelligence NOT replace? 

Human creativity. 

We tend to associate creativity with the ability to be artistic, when in fact, it is how we can perceive the world in new ways, spot hidden patterns, and make connections between things to come up with solutions. And doing this in a way that only a human can. (A.I. will try, but never exactly duplicate, what we can bring. If we refuse to let it.) 

So… can this help you in your business? Absolutely

Creativity has fast become one of the top skill sets in demand, and this fact is being validated everywhere you look. Just last year, the World Economic Forum’s ‘Future of Jobs Report’ promoted creativity to be one of the TOP 3 SKILLS that will be in demand worldwide. (In 2015 it was ranked down at #10.) 

So…. could THIS be that missing link for you? 

Among all the business programs you’ve joined and products you’ve purchased? Your progress has been good, but could THIS be that skillset you finally IGNITE that unlocks all the other levels of your game?

I’m going to bet it is.

And this is my LAST invitation for you to come join me here in Phoenix on April 6+7, 2022 for my special Creative Strategy Workshop

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Come join me to learn how to… 

power up your creative thinking at will, to instantly see greater perspectives and opportunities for ANY situation in your business

turn off that ‘ruthless editor’ inside that monitors our every word and creative impulse

tap into your TRUE creative source and access unlimited assistance

create fresh ideas on demand, without reinventing the wheel every time

Go here now to learn more, and consider spending two (fun!) days with me and an intimate group of high-level women leaders to unleash your full creative superpowers.

This is our LAST CALL.


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PS — If this isn’t a good fit for you at this time, would you do me a favor and forward this to another sharp entrepreneur you know who may be craving something different? 🙂 We want more people to know about this unique and impactful workshop, as it’s coming up fast! Thanks.


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