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A pandemic of another kind…

A major observation I’ve had over my 15+ years of coaching and mentoring is seeing brilliant women try to solve their problems or evolve their businesses with the same mindsets that created them.

And it happens to all of us at one time or another. Often, it’s not our fault, as we fall into success patterns that we simply repeat to grow. And, we’re not as continually exposed to other ideas as we should be.

Yes, the world has forced many types of situational disruption on us over the past year, which has led to some innovation. But at the same time, we have been forced into a pandemic of another kind for many years prior to this: myopic, uniform thinking.

And our perpetual online connections are making it worse.

It’s ironic that we originally thought the Internet would be such a wonderful place to expose ourselves to disparate ideas and consider alternative perspectives.

But instead it has created its own giant echo chambers whose algorithms (and leaders) continually reinforce and reward only one way of thought.

And within our own industries and business categories, this model perpetuates itself, reinforcing only one way of doing things.

The great news: You can put yourself into conscious environments where your thinking and creativity can be disrupted automatically, stimulating exciting new ideas and solutions… instantly.

Being in a safe space with diverse, intelligent leaders is an uncommon and powerful opportunity these days.

It’s how male masters of the past achieved such greatness— and it’s even more important we make an effort to do this as women, for the betterment of all.

In just ONE week, ICONIC 2021: Liberation will be open for applications… but only for those on my Priority Notification List.


November 3+4, 2021, Phoenix.

I’ll only drop you one more email reminder about this before next week.


PS — We only have 80 spots in the room, 17 of those seats have already been claimed by my members of The Trust, and we’ve sold out in past years from this list alone! If you haven’t already, I suggest you get on that list now, even if you’re just curious. 😉
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