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A powerful online event for women’s leadership…

Fierce Feminine Leadership Live: Claim Your Power, Change the World is a global online leadership conference for women happening June 2-5, 2015.

And I’d love for YOU to join me. Register here.

You’ll hear straight-up career and business advice from more than 20 powerhouse women leaders such as Kelsey Ramsden, Eleanor Beaton, Deborah Gillis, Dr. Venus Opal Reese, Barbara Mowat and more.

These are women who are leading multi-million dollar businesses, globally recognized think tanks, international movements and location-independent lifestyle businesses. Some familiar faces, but many new ones that you should take note of!

If you are ready to take charge of your life and career, impact the world in a meaningful way and create success on your own terms, you do not want to miss this event.

You can learn more about this free online event here.

Love and success,


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