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A refreshing new video series…

I’d like to introduce you to Jeneth Blackert, known as “The Change Agent.”

Jeneth went from being $50k in debt in 2008 to running a $1.1 million-dollar business just three years later. This gal knows how to build a profitable business, and I’m very impressed.

I wanted you to know about Jeneth’s first ever free video training series. It’s called “7-Figures + Free to BE = Mo’ Money Playbook” and you can sign up to get instant access here now.

In this video series, you’ll discover:

• 13 “big money plays” and how you can easily add a play to your business.

9 income streams you can create from 1 phenomenal idea.

• 5 “conscious questions” to expand way beyond what you’ve concluded to be your comfort zone.

3 action plays you can put in place right away.

• Jeneth’s #1 PLAY that makes money nearly instantly.

I think you’ll get a kick of the fun spin Jeneth’s put in this series (especially for you sports fans out there). Just note these videos won’t be up for long.

Sign up for Jeneth’s free video training series here now.

Love and success,


P.S. Right when you sign up, you’ll also be able to download Jeneth’s free BONUS handout: “13 PLAYS: How to easily add a big money play to your business.Sign up to get instant access here now.

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