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Ali Brown Honored to Be Named One of Forbes' "Women to Watch"

I was honored to be invited to be interviewed LIVE by Moira Forbes at Forbes headquarters on Fifth Ave. in NYC this past fall as one of Forbes’ “Women to Watch.”
You can watch our VIDEO interview here — it’s only a few minutes long, and easy to digest. It was a pleasure to sit and talk with Moira about my life’s work, and now to share this special session with you.
Publishing is in Moira’s blood (her father is Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes, Inc.) and she’s leveraged the Forbes platform to serve women in business and leadership with ForbesWoman — a site that reaches over 20 million users worldwide. It was a pleasure to meet her and talk about more possible work together.
More women need to step up in service as role models for other women, to help provide inspiration, strength, and vision. That’s what ForbesWoman is all about. (Sign me up!)
And, if you didn’t know, this opportunity also led to an invitation to BLOG for as well. You can catch up with my latest BLOG postings here.
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