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"Ali's 5 Fave Beauty Products of All Time"

I love that I’ve been getting questions about my favorite beauty products. As an entrepreneur, it’s important that you take care of yourself to feel great AND look great—remember, you ARE your product! I have MANY faves, but here are my top 5. And ladies, please share yours below, too!
* “Got2B Fat-tastic Fresh & Full Dry Shampoo” by Schwarzkopf — I never knew dry shampoo existed until 5 years ago when a stylist used it on me for a photo shoot. He scrubbed a bit of it into my roots, and then suddenly my baby-fine hair had tons of volume. Even better, I realized I could use it on second or third-day hair to freshen it up, absorb oil, and get that bed-head look anytime. It’s also GREAT for traveling—you can get a few days out of a hairstyle if you need to. There are many types and brands out there, some up to $20+, but right now I think this is the best inexpensive one, which I get from Drugstore.com for $5.99.
* Yves Saint Laurent “Touche Eclat” Concealer — My friend, business client, and health coach JJ Virgin turned me on to this one night when we were browsing in Sephora Hollywood after a delicious steak dinner and martinis. She grabbed it, turned to me, and loudly announced (in her six-feet-tall commanding manner), “You HAVE to get this!” And, I’ll say it to you, too. This ain’t no regular concealer. Undereye circles vanish. You look 5 years younger. It’s a $%&@$!! miracle pen. Pricey, and worth it. (And buy more than one, because you’ll freak when you run out of it.) $39.
* Bare Minerals foundation – A friend turned me onto this 4 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I hate the way liquid makeup feels on my face, and this feels like a healthier, lighter, more natural alternative. I will admit it’s best for those who have pretty good skin but just need some color balance and a bit of glow. I do get a bit blotchy sometimes and this does the trick. It’s not great for camera or TV, but when I was filming ABC’s Secret Millionaire and was living on welfare and did not want to look dolled up (but did not want to look like death-warmed-over filmed in HD either!), I dusted a bit of this on each morning. $25.
* Sultra “Midnight” Travel Dryer – OK this was a splurge I made after receiving a generous beauty gift card, and right after I had to endure one of those lame hotel-room hairdryers that was bolted to a wall. This little powerhouse is not only gorgeous to behold, but yummy to hold with its velvety coating. I know I sound like I’m talking about a dessert at this point, but it’s really a delicious little dryer that is easy to manage and works FAST. It’s worth packing for almost any trip, even if you have to sacrifice a pair of shoes to fit it. Makes a great gift for any traveler too. $95.
* Maybelline Great Lash – YES! I’ve used this same mascara in the ugly pink tube since I was 12. I love it because it works great, washes off easily, and costs less than a grande latte. This old drugstore standby is continually ranked by makeup artists as their go-to favorite. Why spend more? A girl’s gotta save money somewhere. (Especially a girl who loves Jimmy Choos.) For nighttime try their “blackest black” shade for some POW! $5.
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