Wow, I had no idea what a response I would have to my Shine Scholarship Video Contest! A bit of background… I came up with the idea on the drive home from filming a spot on the new E! network TV morning show.

I first announced it only on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube on October 5. I gave a deadline of October 12.

However as the deadline grew near, I realized most people in my circle hadn’t even heard about it, so it should be announced properly in my ezine, lists, etc. (I’d never hosted a contest before – I learned quite a few things to do better next time ; )) So I then extended the deadline to October 20.

By the original deadline of October 12, we already had dozens of videos submitted. I understand those people jumped through hoops to get them in on time, and were even disappointed we extended the deadline! Because of this snafu I decided to choose our Shine winners out of TWO groups of videos.

Did you get that? That means there are MORE chances to win for everyone. Yes, thank you. ; ) (Ali takes a bow.)

GROUP ONE is all videos submitted by the original deadline of Oct. 12.
GROUP TWO is the rest submitted after Oct. 12 and by the new deadline of Oct. 20 (These will be announced by Oct. 23)

And I’m very excited to announce the WINNERS from GROUP ONE!!!

It was VERY VERY VERY hard to narrow it down to only 5. In fact, I found it impossible. I spent hours on this. Some were funny, some were creative, some were more heartfelt than others. But I did narrow it down to 8. And then I learned in numerology 8 is apparently the number of “new beginnings”. So it seemed appropriate to grant these 8 amazing women each a scholarship ticket to Shine! (And I will pick 8 from Group Two as well : ))


1. Leesa Barnes

2. Jennifer Donogh

3. Jen Lovelady

4. Lisa Bishop

5. Helena-Summer Medena

6. Kerianne Mellott

7. Trenia Rawlins

8. Jillian Slack

Congratulations ladies! My team will contact you each individually, or you can also contact my team directly at or 888-484-5559, ext. 7

Love and Success,

PS — Those of you in Group Two – watch for postings of our 8 winners on Oct. 23!!!

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