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Are You Plugged Into the Wrong Thing? By Ali Brown

alirevelationPicture this… you are a beautiful, bright lamp, and as with most lamps, you have an electrical cord and plug. When we are born, we’re plugged into the right thing: It’s where we came from… The unlimited supply of Source/God/the Universe.

But as we grow and get older, the “world” teaches us to stop listening to our hearts, to ignore or control our feelings, and to only make decisions using our “rational” mind. We don’t even realize it, but our plug ends up shriveling and wiggling out of our Source socket.

We may end up plugging into other things; placing our faith in other things, like success, money, or status. Or other attachments or addictions. Or we’re not plugged in anywhere at all, and we wander aimlessly through life feeling without purpose and without any power.

I’ve been through many iterations of this myself. And each time I discover I should be somewhere else, it’s because I realize I’ve let myself get “plugged into” the wrong thing!

In fact, just a few short years ago, I’d truly reached what I thought was the peak of my career. I’d built a wildly successful business, I was making great money, I was living in a big house at the beach, I’d won several national awards, and I was reaching most all my goals.

I was building, building, building with all this hard energy.

“Bigger, faster, now, more, world domination” kind of stuff.

My choice. It’s what I thought I wanted. And needed.

How exciting! How cool! How important I felt! How good it looked!

Then I remember waking up one morning and looking at my schedule… and starting to cry. My soul hurt.

My original mission had become buried in a seemingly never-ending quest for more. More accolades and higher numbers. I would reach one goal, and then without even taking in what I had accomplished, push myself to the next one.

I thought that was success.

And then I realized I was placing my happiness and self-worth on everything outside of me. And because what I wanted kept changing (and it always will), I was never happy or fulfilled.

I had lost my beautiful, peaceful connection with Source. The source of everything. It was always how I’d found my way.

My “faith” had been put in the wrong place. And in the wrong things.

So I turned it around.

I traded in my perfectionism… for purpose and peace. 

Go here to read the rest of my story, and learn the 8 keys I discovered to get plugged back into the right thing. You’ll also learn about my brand new in-depth summer course “7 Weeks to a Higher Power”!


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