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Are you ready to launch your coaching program?

I’d like to introduce you to a woman named Milana Leshinsky. She’s an entrepreneur, a coach, a mother, and a wife, and I think her story will resonate with many of you…

When Milana was getting started, she was struggling to get her coaching business off the ground… She had a tiny list, no connections, and NO affiliate partners.

Her husband advised her to lower her rates, but it only attracted “nightmare” clients.

Her colleagues told her to offer free consults—but her time was limited, and as she confesses, she didn’t love it.

Her coach recommended she get out and start speaking, but she had two children and didn’t want to travel.

It wasn’t until TWO YEARS later that Milana discovered her missing piece. She stumbled upon a system that generated 120+ clients and over $40,000 the first time she used it. (And today she generates up to six figures per launch!)

Milana is revealing her unique system on a free call, happening THIS Thursday, October 4, 2012, and I wanted to make sure you knew about it. It’s called “Launch Your Coaching Program” and you can sign up here.

During this call, Milana will share:

-Exactly what she did in her first product launch to generate $40K+ in ONLY four weeks

-A simple 28-day product launch template (even a complete “newbie” can follow

-The 4 key things that MUST happen during your launch to ensure success (Milana will reveal 4 specific tools that create excitement and “buzz” around your launch EACH time)

-And more!

If you’re a coach, or want to launch a successful coaching business, I suggest you don’t miss this information-packed call.

Get all the details here now. Love and success,

P.S. When you reserve your free seat for this call, you’ll get access to a BONUS video where Milana reveals 11 mistakes to avoid during a launch. (Milana learned these the hard way and it cost her an additional $100K in lost revenue.) Reserve your seat and get instant access to this bonus video now.



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