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Ask Ali: "Are Successful, Single, Gay Men a Viable Market for My Business?"

Question: “Hi Ali, I’m really loving your work! In your opinion, do you think successful, single, gay men (CEOs, entrepreneurs, etc.) is a viable market for seeking dating expertise?”
Greg Halpern, The Gay Guy’s Love Coach, Syracuse, N.Y.
Ali’s Answer: “Hi Greg! I’ve seen you on Facebook, and thanks so much for your question. I did a quick Google search for “gay dating coach” and congrats… you come up first, right after a paid sponsorship by The question is, is that a phrase that people are actually SEARCHING for?
I did some quick research using that showed little to no traffic for that phrase. Top related search phrases were “men seeking men” and “gay personals.” While those don’t apply to what you offer, you may want to test getting in front of those folks. Perhaps a Google AdWords ad saying something like “Frustrated With Gay Online Dating? Get free report on finding your dream partner here.” The ad should NOT go to your home page but to a specific landing page whose sole objective is to get them on the list. (My Online Success Blueprint System walks you through how this all works.)
(And can I just say the guys that are turning up in my search are so gorgeous, it’s just pissing me off! Less of you on the market for us straight girls! Oh well… sigh… ;))
Now, if these guys are NOT seeking a dating coach—which I would guess is the case; I mean, who goes seeking a dating coach, whether you’re gay or straight?—then that means they aren’t searching for you. People in general won’t hire a personal service like this unless they have hit the wall. They are so frustrated with dating and the whole game they’re ready to give up. That’s where you come in. So it’s worth a shot getting in front of those that are using the online services as I mentioned above.
Many people write off an idea just because there aren’t a lot of searches for it. But here’s where the fun starts. 🙂
Let’s look at how else you can directly reach successful gay men who are your ideal target market. I would look closely at WHO this guy is. Consider age range, location, profession, and anything else you can think of. What are his pastimes? What magazines does he subscribe to? What catalogs does he order from? Look at doing Facebook advertising to reach your ideal client. Consider what magazines he subscribes to. For example, I’m just making this up out of thin air, but perhaps you could buy a mailing list of men who subscribe to a top gay mag like Instinct and who are in an income bracket of $100K+—the media company can usually sort this for you. Mail a postcard to these people with a free offer for your report, CD, etc.
To appeal to the affluent, make sure your marketing message feels upscale and elite. Look at the type of marketing high-end matchmaking services use that advertise in the back of Fortune and Forbes magazines, as well as all the airline publications. (If you see their ads repeatedly issue after issue, you know something is working.) Also have you considered actually starting a matchmaking service of your own? Sounds like that type of personal touch would be welcomed in your market with all the frustration with online dating.
Well, that should get your wheels turning. Best of luck, Greg, and keep me posted on Facebook!”
Love and success,

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