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Ask Ali: "How Can I Be Seen as an 'Expert' When I'm Just Getting Started?"

Question: “Hi Ali, I’m launching my first online business soon, and I want to know how does one build credibility as an ‘expert’ when they are just starting out and don’t have a following?”
—Julie Kelly, Her Career Advice, Pasadena, Calif.
Ali’s answer: “Thanks for writing Julie! Your position is understandable. There are admittedly hundreds of other experts out there who may know more than you regarding your topic. This is true for ANYONE online because these days there is so much competition. But you can’t let that stop you getting started. And I’m glad you understand how important it is to be seen as an expert. Experts are more respected, get media attention, can market more easily and inexpensively, get paid more, and receive less price resistance (meaning people are happier to pay what you ask).
There’s one marketing condition I see over and over with my clients, and it’s called “but-I’m-not-an-expert-yet-itis”. These people are afraid to play bigger because they think it’s not their time yet. (The important words there being “they think”.) They’re waiting for something to happen – a degree, a certification, a blessing from the gods in their industry, a recognitional nod from their respected peers. But it’s VERY important to position yourself from the get-go as an expert in what you do.
In the eyes of your prospects, clients, customers, and the media, you’re seen as an expert if…
1. You Know More About Your Topic Than Your Target Market Does

When I created my very first ebook called Boost Business With Your Own Ezine, I wouldn’t say I was an expert on ezines by far. But by studying the topic in depth to create my own ezine, I’d weeded through all the junky information to get to the good stuff, and I wanted to share it. Important to realize: You’ll find you can make quite a good living just teaching people how to get started in something. You don’t have to be the end-all wizard of the topic.
2. You’ve Done What You’re Teaching Others to Do

One past client of mine, whom I’ll call “Karen”, taught real estate investing. She wanted to create a high priced mentorship program of her own, but was nervous about it. She didn’t feel right charging a lot of money for her personal time and advice, which meant deep down she wasn’t confident in what she was teaching. So I asked her, “Did you make a million dollars investing in real estate?” She said yes. “Then just show them what you did,” I replied. “Are you confident in that?” Her answer was a resounding “YES!” Once Karen realized she’d simply be teaching what she herself had already done, it eliminated her nervousness, made her sales much easier, and she was comfortable charging a hefty (and well deserved) fee.
3. You’ve Been Quoted on Your Topic in the Media

Sometimes the cart comes before the horse, and a brush with the media IS what makes you seen as an expert. For example, a cosmetic surgeon I know was a guest on a Los Angeles television show, and he now proudly promotes that fact in his ads, brochures, and office displays. This amplifies his credibility with his prospects and patients. Years ago, when I was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal on the subject of small business email marketing—my first media interview ever! They found my website and called— you can be sure I added that to my bio as soon as I got off the phone!
4. You’ve Written a Book or Articles on the Subject

Nothing says “expert” like writing a book or by getting your name “out there” via articles. When you put a pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and simply share what you know, no matter how simple the information seems to you, people instantly view you as an authority figure. All you have to do is put yourself out there. A friend of mine recently chose a financial planner based on the fact that he was a published author. “After all, he wrote the book on it!” she said. In her eyes, that sealed the deal, and she was happy to pay more for his services without question.
5. You SAY You Are the Expert!
Years ago, I dubbed myself my first moniker “The Ezine Queen”, simply because it had a ring to it. I had no idea at the time how much that would help me become well-known and be remembered. Did you know that Muhammad Ali became known as “The Greatest” because he himself said it? Yep — he just kept saying it, and then eventually so did the media! So if you have a good moniker in mind, go for it. Play around with powerful words and titles until you find one that sings.
The Bottom Line… It’s up to YOU.
Your biggest lesson to remember is simply that your prospects, clients, and customers will virtually always accept the positioning that YOU choose for yourself and present to others. So go for it!”
Love and success,

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