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Ask Ali: "How Can I Generate Ideas for an Ezine?"

Question: You usually focus on solo business owners but I have been trying to sell the idea of an ezine to our marketing department for our company for two years. Ideas to focus on companies?
—Stephanie Cohen, Phone Tree, Winston-Salem, N.C.
Ali’s Answer: “Stephanie, it’s great you are looking for greater ways to build relationships with your clients and prospects. An ezine (email newsletter) is still a very effective way to do that. A quick peek at your site tells me you have three distinct target markets: health services, religious organizations, and general businesses. And it tells me these folks use your phone system product to help them attract and retain customers/members as well as increase efficiency. So there’s your content.
Any business owner or organization leader would love weekly tips in these areas, and naturally your ezine should promote ways they can use YOUR system to attract and retain customers/members. I’d also consider sending out a separate ezine for each of your distinct target markets. Easy to do – just write one article but then tweak it for each market.
People also love success stories. You can feature a client of the week and interview them on how they are using your product with great success to increase membership, raise their retention rates, etc. And Q&A is another great content idea too. Start with your most profitable target market, get the ezine going now, and I guarantee you’ll start getting some great response from it! And for step-by-step help I recommend my guide “Ezine Marketing Power”.”
Love and success,

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