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Ask Ali: “How do I get testimonials for my company if I have no clients yet?”

Question: Ali, great to ‘meet’ you! Most people purchase based on past customer testimonials. What do you recommend for newly established entrepreneurs who are just getting started?

–Cindy Garrett, Secrets of Heaven, Ellicott City, Md.

Ali’s Answer: “Hi Cindy, and thanks for writing. I had this same problem when I launched my first product years ago which was called “Boost Business With Your Own Ezine”. Since it was my first product, I had no customers to ask for a comment, let alone a success story. Here are a few steps I took to get several testimonials on my sales page:

1. Pass out a few free copies or samples to appropriate contacts in exchange for them writing an honest review.

2. If you can’t get success stories about your particular product, then get success stories about your category in general. For example, since my product was all about publishing ezines for more business, I asked a few contacts who published ezines to comment on how effective they were. They weren’t commenting on MY system, but they were giving a testament to the power of ezines and how much they helped their business.

3. When you do get a few sales, the rule is… ask, then beg, then (ethically) bribe! People are busy and won’t think of giving you a testimonial without some encouragement and coaxing. I’ve gotten best results when I write up a few samples and they can simply choose the one they want that fits them best and/or they can edit to their liking. I have many more testimonial strategies, but these should get you started!”

Love and success,

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