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Ask Ali: "Is It Bad for My Business to ‘Chase Money’?"

Question: “Hi Ali, Many business coaches stress to NOT ‘chase money’. They say if you do, then you’ll go broke. How do you keep this in perspective when you are already barely making it and just starting?”
[Name withheld by request]
Ali’s answer: “Thanks for writing. I know what you’re talking about, because there’s an old saying “Don’t chase money, it will run from you.” But if you read that as not needing to be focused on money, then you’re going to be in trouble.
Most entrepreneurs (especially women and the Law of Attraction devotees) want to just start a business to do something they love and that brings them joy, and then they think magically it will attract money like bees to honey. “Do what you love and the money will follow.” It will all magically manifest. Right?
WRONG. (Oops, did you hear the bluebirds stop singing there? And the rainbow dissipated. And there is a harsh spotlight shining on your bank balance. Sorry, this is just for a moment! ;))
Especially if you are just getting started, you HAVE to make money your #1 concern! I see so many women start businesses around things they love to do or passions they have, and don’t put much planning into how they are going to actually make money. In fact, they spend more time on their logo or their blog or the name of their company than they do actually working some numbers. Then they hit a wall, or give up, because things “aren’t working”, and it’s heartbreaking to see their dreams fall flat when they could have been soaring high.
Right now, you need to consider your fastest, most direct path to making money with the business you have. Go for it full on. Then set up marketing and sales systems so it happens more automatically. Make it your aim to get your business generating revenue on an ongoing basis.
Now, I don’t like the word “chase” though, and I agree you shouldn’t be “chasing” money. (Or anything—sounds like whatever it is will run away from you. You might be able to catch it now and then, but it’s like a greased pig wiggling out of your arms!) So you don’t have to chase it, but you surely have to FOCUS on it. And take ACTION to get it.
It’s attraction PLUS action. Our blessing as women is to bring to the world color, light, joy, and passion, and we bring that to business as well. Many of us, myself included, have grown our business while injecting a huge purpose and mission within it to help the world. It can all come together. But don’t forget the purpose of your business is to make a PROFIT. Get ‘er going. And go after those greenbacks! :)”
Love and success,

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