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Ask Ali: Is Online Marketing Enough for My New Business?

Question: “Hello Ali, in June I will start my garden design business. Do you think it’s enough to market my business only by using the internet?”

– Fadja Touni, Viridantia Garden Design, Germany

Ali’s Answer: “Hi Fadja, how exciting you are launching your own business. You will get dramatically higher results by using more than one media to reach your prospects, and at least one study I’m aware of shows that adding direct mail to any online campaign can increase your results by 300%.

The Internet is comfortable for most of us, easy to use from home, and most online self-promotion tools are free — for example, social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. HOWEVER I see many entrepreneurs get way TOO set in their ways online and with all the “noise” and overpopulation in cyberspace, it’s getting harder to stand out. So I definitely recommend you look at other channels to reach your prospects.

First, consider who your target customer is. Where does she live? What newspapers does she read? Do a mailing to her area of town and advertise in her paper. Also consider who would easily recommend your services to others. For example, an architect or interior designer could be a great source of referrals for you. Get to know ones in your area and make sure they are aware of you and your wonderful services. And lastly, don’t hide at home behind your desk — get out to network and become known in your community for the great work you do. I hope these ideas get you started!”

Love and success,

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