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Ask Ali: “What should I include in my media kit?”

Question: “Hi Ali, I’ve heard you say to be sure to have your media kit ready for when you may get called to do an interview. What should that actually contain? Thanks!”

—Sonya Herbert,  Miss Mega Marketing, Huskisson, NSW, Australia

Ali’s Answer: “Hi Sonya, thanks for asking. Media kits aren’t just for large, high-profile businesses. Whatever your size or type of business, whether you are just starting out or been in business for years, you should have even just a simple one. A media kit, sometimes called a press kit, is simply an information packet about a business or product. The goal of a media kit is the same as with any marketing you do: It should get the reader’s attention, make a lasting impression, and get them interested in contacting you for more information.

Here’s a checklist of what you can include as your business grows:

* your bio (make sure to include accomplishments, awards, etc.)

* professional photos of you

* overview of your business, products, and services

* press releases related to your business

* copies of press coverage (articles about you or that you were featured in)

* showreel (clips of you on TV or on radio)

While some people still have printed press kits (I did for a while to make a big impact), most folks these days have a digital one. You can see a sample of my public media page here. And my new showreel should be ready soon!”

Love and success,

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