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Being publicly imperfect, and TODAY… an event you shouldn't miss

SO glad for all the response on last week’s blog post about how losing our childcare actually became the best thing to happen this year.

Most of the comments were wonderfully supportive, sharing your own stories about juggling your entrepreneurial dreams with raising a family, and how you made it work. I really appreciate them.

Then of course there were the odd few bizarre comments, but I appreciate those too. Why? To remind us how we often still expect ourselves as moms and entrepreneurs to be perfect at all this.

I am nowhere near a perfect mom. Or a perfect entrepreneur. Or a perfect leader.

But I will tell you what’s most important to me: Living my purpose, shifting as I grow, and sharing my journey and what I learn along the way. And doing it all with as much joy as possible.

If you missed the post, you can see it here.


Something VERY cool is happening TODAY, again with my old client and pal Sassypants, a.k.a. Lisa Sasevich. She’s hosting a free 4-hour *Online Sales Success* Livestream today, Wednesday, July 22, that will be jam packed with some great teaching.

You will learn how to fill your teleseminars and webinars with your ideal prospective clients, using online and offline strategies. Plus, Lisa’s invited several guest experts who are talking about their latest strategies on JV and affiliate partnerships, Facebook ads, and advanced closing and upsells. I highly recommend tuning in for a bit if you need some good formulas and fresh ideas for your promotions.

You can learn more and sign up here to watch the livestream today. (All you need is an internet connection.)

Love and success,

P.S. If you’d be interested in doing your own livestream for your business promotions as well, I would recommend watching Lisa’s. She’s one of the best, and you’ll get some great ideas for your own format and sales structure by just watching! Go here to register now.

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