"Brazilian Blowout Treatments: Are they worth it for your hair?" - Glambition Radio

"Brazilian Blowout Treatments: Are they worth it for your hair?"

About two months ago I took the plunge and got a keratin treatment for my hair from my long-time colorist/stylist Massimo Guerrini. The brand he uses is Global Keratin and I have to share that this process completely transformed my hair! I have fine hair but it’s wavy and I have a lot of it. It often would take me over half an hour to dry it and style it completely – I’d have to dry it first and then go over it with a flatiron, using a ton of products to smooth it out. It was exhausting and frustrating!
I’d heard about these types of treatments for so long that I finally decided to try it. Since then my hair is smooth, shiny, and styles in about 2/3 of the time. I know it made a huge difference too because my mother (who is sometimes my biggest critic!) said “I haven’t seen your hair look this healthy in YEARS!” It will be good for three to five months total.
The only part I did not like was that for two days you cannot wash or style your hair – even put it in a ponytail – or get it wet or sweaty for those two days. (So no workouts, ladies!) But it was totally worth it.
Global Keratin is supposedly the BEST brand of keratin treatment as it uses organic, bioactive medical grade keratin (the same type used on burn victims) and lower in harsh chemicals than the other brands. (For example, I’ve heard some people complain about the actual Brazilian Blowout brand and how harsh it can be on your hair.) There is no smoke or fumes, etc. And it straightens the hair naturally, unlike some of those Japanese straightening formulas.
Massimo (originally from Rome) has become so well known for his expertise in doing Global Keratin treatments that he is now a national trainer for them. He’s offering my fans and clients $75 OFF as well – just say you were referred by me! He has many clients fly in to work with him so perhaps try to work in a service with your next trip to LA. I think it’s worth trying once to see if you like it. And his website answers many questions about the service; www.hairbymassimo.com or 310-733-6001.

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