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Client referral for you…

If I had a possible client referral for you today, would you go through these stages in your mind?

1. Excitement… which, after you set a time to talk, turns to…
2. Anxiety or even dread… regarding what to say on the phone!

If you’re like most coaches and consultants, you’ve probably been “winging” these types of calls for years. Some you ace, and others you hang up knowing you could have done better.

Perhaps you’ve tried scripts but they feel stilted and out of integrity.

Well, I’d like you to meet one of my longtime clients, Heather Dominick. She teaches a specific structure for these types of conversations. Not only does the format WORK, but I really feel you’ll actually enjoy the process.

Heather is hosting a LIVE half-day online workshop next Wednesday that’s FREE to attend, and it’s called Selling Success Secrets for the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur.

(The “sensitive” part means you feel things deeply. Most of us who are called to work with people on a very personal level are part of this category, and you will learn more about this during the livecast. Sensitivity is a great strength, but can also be our biggest obstacle unless we learn to work with it!)

During the livecast, Heather will be not only teaching but modeling how to:

* Set the energy for a successful selling conversation so potential clients not only understand why they need your service but they FEEL it

* How to graciously guide your prospects through the decision-making experience using a unique two-part process (which is extremely effective, and avoids you both having to rush a close)

* And most importantly how to intuitively support your potential client through their natural human resistance (this is naturally putting your coaching skills to use!)

* You even get Heather’s FREE TEMPLATE of her 25-Step HSE Selling Success Blueprint for you to use for all of your selling conversations going forward

Again, it’s happening next Wednesday.

I know this is coming up fast, but this 4-hour training could be the BEST thing you do for yourself all year. Why not learn a simple system to have natural conversations that support you and your client working together?

Go here to learn more and reserve your spot now.

Love and success,

P.S. I’ve gotten to know Heather well over the last several years of being her coach, and she is an incredibly insightful spiritual business teacher. You’d be remiss not to have a look here.

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