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Do you feel guilty for wanting more?

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend and transitioning smoothly into fall—especially for those of you with kids finally back in school!

I receive many questions from my Spotlight readers, and it’s interesting that when I hear from women ready to “make a leap”, there’s often an element of guilt that accompanies it!

Even if that leap is for her highest good, and she knows it will dramatically benefit her family and causes she cares about.

Maybe it’s because we grow up being taught to be happy with what we have… to not ask for much or bug anyone or make a fuss.

And of course I agree we should always be grateful. (I myself like to end every day thanking God for my blessings.)

But I’m talking about something different. It’s a real yearning… a constant dull aching… or even sometimes a sharp pain… knowing you could BE more with this life. And right now many women are feeling this quite heavily.

Maybe you’re in a 9-to-5 desk job that’s crushing your spirit, day by day. Or, maybe you feel trapped in a business that you started just to make ends meet—and have lost your passion for why you started in the first place.

Well, I’d like you to meet 6 extraordinary women, who have chosen to STEP UP and THRIVE. They come from different backgrounds and have very different lives, but they said YES to themselves, and now they are making a real difference in this life.

They’re all featured in Video 3 of my Thrive series, which I JUST released and it’s available to view for only a few more days. You’ll hear from:

* A West Coast personal trainer who—after 20 years of working with clients 1:1—has moved her business online to work less, make more, and help more clients around the world… right from her home.

* An ex-corporate gal from Washington, D.C. who left her male-oriented industry to start the business of her dreams. Hear how she doubled her revenues and enjoyed her first 5-figure MONTH all within a few months’ time.

* An ambitious 29-year-old from South Carolina who’s taken her income from zero to over $75,000 within a few short years. But best of all she is truly stepping into the queen she’s meant to be.

* A mom-to-be from Topanga, Calif. who’s doubled her clients… and also figured out how to easily charge twice what she did before. It all adds up to quadruple revenues for herself and her new family!

* And two more women from around the world who will inspire you with not only their income leaps, but their dedication to growing a business that supports the LIFE and values they love.

If you need a dose of inspiration… and would like to meet some other women who are doing what they love while creating lives they love…  you don’t want to miss this. 🙂

It’s all in VIDEO 3 of my THRIVE series here.

Love and success,

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You can watch Video 3 here now. And I hope to see a comment from you!



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