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Do you lead? Or follow?

AliNew2015It’s time for a new conversation.

I’ve been talking with several of my clients—past and present—who are in the revenue ranges of high-6 to multiple-7 figures.

They agreed there are plenty of events out there for beginners and those in the low-six-figures, but few to no events for real leaders who are excelling, have been in business for years, and really know what they are doing.

And I knew it was time to put on a special workshop I’d been contemplating.

An intimate event ONLY for high-6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs.

One that focused on strategy, leadership, and collaboration.

A new conversation… by the women who don’t follow.


Just imagine the power that will be in this room, and the incredible opportunity for all of us to help each other.

I cannot wait to be there myself. And create our next vision and plan together.

The time has come… to Repower.

Have a look here and see if you qualify.

We are limited to only 37 spots total, and several have already been reserved. After sending out just a few private invites to my own contacts, I already have several experts and leaders signed up whose revenues are in the $1M – $4M range.

First come, first served. I’m not doing early bird specials or bonuses and all that jazz.

What you see is what you get. You’ll know if this is for you.

(And isn’t that refreshing?)

Read about it here.

Love and success,

P.S. If this event isn’t a good fit for you (yet), feel free to forward this to a leader you feel will benefit. I’d be happy to consider her.

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