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"Do You Love Your Business?"

Most of us start our business with passion and commitment, but over time our goals and ideologies change, sometimes leaving us feeling restless and unfulfilled. Answer these questions to see how committed you still are to your business.
Why did you start your business?
A. I wanted to make money.
B. I wanted to be recognized.
C. I wanted the challenge.
D. I believed in what I was doing.
How often do you wake up and look forward to work?
A. Rarely — I wish I could sleep in longer.
B. Most days — unless I have a late night.
C. Often — I enjoy my work.
D. Daily — I can’t wait to be at my desk.
What do you do when someone at a party asks what you do?
A. I tell them and discuss the hors d’oeuvres.
B. I give them my business card that lists my services.
C. I tell them about my business and what I do.
D. I know that by the end of the evening, I’ll have a new potential client.
Do you get caught up in what you’re doing to realize you’ve missed lunch?
A. Rarely — I always feel hungry.
B. Sometimes — especially before project deadlines.
C. Often — there’s a lot to do.
D. What’s lunch?
Which statement best describes your overall attitude about your business?
A. It pays the bills.
B. It’s exciting at the moment, but I want to keep the doors of opportunity wide open.
C. My work is an important part of my life, and I derive a great deal of pleasure from working.
D. Without my business, I’d feel empty and life would have little meaning.
How often do you leave your job feeling burned out, tired, and lacking energy?
A. Daily — there’s a lot of work to catch up on.
B. Often — especially before a project deadline.
C. Sometimes — if I’m understaffed.
D. Rarely — it’s tiring, but I love it.
How would you characterize your business plan?
A. My business plan needs updating. I haven’t had the time.
B. I know where my business needs to go, but I’m flexible about how to get there.
C. I can see myself achieving my current goals, so I’m happy with the way my plan is working.
D. I have a solid business plan that I make sure to update every six months.
Congratulations! You’ve won the lottery. What do you do next?
A. I would sell my business. I can’t wait to travel the world!
B. I would hire a manager to run the company while I plan my next move.
C. I would take a break and enjoy my newfound wealth, and come back to work after a couple of months.
D. I would keep on working. I love what I do!
Take a look at your answers. Did you answer mostly As, Bs, Cs, or Ds?
Mostly A: You may be doing well in your present business, but it’s obvious that your heart’s not in it. Re-evaluate why you started it and see if it’s really worth continuing. You may be better off exploring other avenues and options that would make you happier.
Mostly B: You’re almost there. You need to focus more and be more dedicated if you’re going to make this work. A business needs 100% passion and commitment to succeed, so if this is what you want to do, then you need to push yourself harder.
Mostly C: Congratulations! You’ve selected the perfect business for yourself. You seem to love what you do, and you also realize the need to balance your work and personal life.
Mostly D: You have a strong drive and are an overachiever. While that’s excellent and necessary if you are to run a successful business, you may need to ease up a little to ensure don’t neglect your personal life.
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